About Us

  • Entire gamut of Indian arts and crafts including the tribal folk arts like Warli, Madhubani, Gond and also the contemporary Batik artworks.
  • Over 200 choicest handicrafts from across the country, directly from the authentic Indian craftsmen
  • An Array of categories including marble artifacts,wooden crafts,terracotta, paper crafts, paintings and many more.
  • Corporate Gifting solutions
  • Return Gifts
  • Product Customisation

 Our Mission

To revive, promote Indian handicrafts and to help, support and enhance the income of the individual handicraft producers of rural India. 

The hands that create such beauty do not even have enough to sustain their livelihood. By promoting the crafts made by these individual artisans we our doing our small bit to protect these crafts from dying and to help the artisans earn a decent income.

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